Alan Dix

Alan is a Professorial Fellow at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Director of the Computational Foundry, a £32.5M project of Swansea University, Welsh Government, and the European Commission to promote ground-breaking digital research with a real impact on society. He is known principally for his work in human–computer interaction including writing one of the key textbooks in the area and he was elected to the ACM SIGCHI Academy in 2013. Outside academia, Alan has been co-founder of two tech companies, developed intelligent lighting, worked in local government and even submarine design.

In every role, he seeks to understand and innovate in all aspects where people and technology meet.  His interests range from formal methods to design creativity, including topics like privacy and mobile interaction, and machine learning.  This year his new book, “TouchIT: Understanding Design in a Physical-Digital World”, is being published by Oxford University Press on the design of physical-digital products and he is working on another book on AI for Social Justice building on the UK’s recently completed Not-Equal network on the digital economy and social justice.

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